European Poll: Priority to End War or Punish Russia?

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      Europeans are divided over how the Ukraine war should play out, with some favoring just ending the war (Peace) and others wanting Russia punished (Justice).

      Italy had the largest favoring Peace (52% to 16%).
      Germany was second favoring Peace (49% to 19%).
      Poland, on the other hand, favored Justice — punishing Russia (41% to 16%)


      The poll also revealed a prevailing feeling that governments are too focused on the war, at the expense of other problems facing ordinary people.

      The survey revealed that 42% of respondents claimed their leaders spend too much time on the war in Ukraine, while only 4% said there was too little focus.

      The two places where people felt most strongly that Ukraine was diverting attention away from domestic issues were Poland (51%) and Romania (57%), both of whom who share a border with the war-hit country.






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      This tells me that the German government is going to be in a lot of electoral trouble real soon. The Italians just signed on to the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative, so this poll kinda figures with them.

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