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Home Topics in Depth Education Even very good FL 3rd graders held back for opting out of state test.

  • madfloridian (2111 posts)
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    Even very good FL 3rd graders held back for opting out of state test.

    They can also be held back indefinitely until they do well on that test. But now the opt out movement is bringing out the real nature of Florida school philosophy.

    Some parents are suing.

    From John Romano at the Tampa Bay Times.

    Romano: Once again, education officials fail a commonsense test in Florida

    These students were not held back because they did poorly in school. Most of them have documented records showing work that ranges from adequate to exemplary.

    Instead, they were held back, the lawsuit says, because their parents did not want them taking a standardized test. And, in Florida’s hierarchy of zealots, that translated to blasphemy.

    “Testing in Florida has taken priority over everything,” said Sarasota lawyer Andrea Mogensen, who is representing the parents. “And it seems everything about the test is connected to money. Money has polluted the entire system. The priority is not getting students to learn, but getting them to take the test.

    “And these parents object to that.”

    …..It is undeniably true that money plays a huge role in this dispute. Testing companies make hundreds of millions in state contracts. Federal and state funds depend on minimum test participation and performance, and teacher pay is tied to test results.

    Hillary Clinton like Obama before her will continue these testing policies, and openly says she will not let schools stay open unless they do well.  That means closing neighborhood schools which communities depend on,  closing schools whole families have attended through the years.  And not because of teacher grades and assessments…but because of one single test given at the end of the year.

    John Romano is right.  Our nation has lost its common sense about what real education is about.

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  • EmmaG (903 posts)
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    1. Here in TX we came very close to getting STAAR thrown out this year –

    it is an interesting alliance of progressive and religious parents banding together.  A lesson I think of what we normal folks can do if we start to fight back against the fascist oligarchy running this country.

    ETA – I’ll see if I can find some TX posts to add to this forum w/more specific info.

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