Ever watch a TV show called "Thunderbirds"?

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      British sci-fi kid’s show in the 60’s. It featured the members of an organization called International Rescue. Whenever disaster strikes anything, anywhere from a mine collapse, to an airliner with landing gear failure, to a sub stuck on the bottom, IR–from their hidden island base–moves into action. Of course they have all the futuristic high-tech equipment on hand, and access to the top experts in the field they happen to be working in. (The show was made into a couple of movies, and recently rebooted as an animated series on Amazon Prime.)

      Lately I’ve been thinking how much we (speaking as an Earthling “we”) need something like IR. An organization that can very quickly marshal massive resources to mitigate both natural and man-made disasters–like when NK fucks up a nuclear test, or wildfires level a continent.

      Naturally, it won’t happen. I don’t see us (again speaking as an Earthling) doing much of anything to save ourselves.

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      Yeah, all the time…back in the day. My favorite was “Thunderbird 2”.

      A lot of optimism then.

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