EXCLUSIVE: New York told COVID-19 group home employees: ‘Work now, grieve later’ (Washington Examiner)

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      Workers who staffed healthy homes were frequently transferred, or “floated,” to infectious homes when they arrived for a shift — and without warning. The transfers were necessary to backfill severe staffing shortages, usually in homes with a COVID-positive resident. Early in the pandemic, the workers were told of the transfers before a shift, but the policy was changed when huge numbers of employees started calling in sick when COVID-19 houses started popping up.

      Workers would inadvertently spread the virus as they floated throughout the state but were not routinely tested for COVID-19. More than 575 residents died of COVID, and 7,104 have been infected.


      “A few of the staff with a lot of rotations requested time off to not infect us, and they were refused,” he said. “They weren’t floating just from this particular house. They were floating from 25 houses. And they wouldn’t give me time off to make sure I didn’t catch COVID from them. Then several residents got COVID.”

      Residents were locked down during the pandemic and could not have caught COVID-19 from an outside location.

      In the article we see a quote from a State spokesperson contrasted to the factual reality of the situation. More lies in service of a coverup of the NY State response that can be tied to hundreds of needless deaths.

      But hey, my State’s response at the time appeared fantastic, and for many that appearance was good enough to be considered worthy of lifting our Governor to an exalted status.

      P.S. Off topic, but more latest news from State regarding COVID-19.


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