Experts urge lawmakers to put resources into election security

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      There have been multiple attempts by the House this year to pass legislation to stymie election interference. Last month, the chamber passed a bill that would require campaigns to report offers of assistance from foreign governments. In a statement, the White House called it “redundant, overly broad, ambiguous and unenforceable.”

      Experts on Tuesday, however, emphasized the need for increased election security nationwide, specifically to combat targeted cyberattacks.

      “It is a pretty indisputable fact that every component of our voting machines are capable of being compromised,” Matt Blaze, a Georgetown University professor who researches cybersecurity and encryption, told the committee. “There’s nothing you can do to completely eliminate the threat, but there are things you can do to mitigate the risk.”

      Blaze suggested a two-pronged solution to make voting hardware safer. He said there needs to be a paper trail in federal elections, preferably by using a system in which paper ballots are fed into a voting machine. Second, he said those ballots need to undergo reliable risk-limiting audits, which is a post-election process in which officials manually check that the voting machine recorded the paper ballot response correctly.

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