Facebook blocks all news content in Australia

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      (WSWS) In an extraordinary attack on democratic rights and the freedom of information online, Facebook this morning blocked the sharing and posting of all news content in Australia. The indefinite ban also prevents Australians from accessing international news on the platform.


      The move is in response to the passage yesterday of a news media bargaining code by the Australian House of Representatives. With bipartisan support from the Liberal-National Coalition government and the Labor Party opposition, the legislation was set to be ratified by the Senate, the upper house of Australia’s parliament, and to become law.

      Facebook and Google have bitterly opposed the code, which would require them to divert a portion of their advertising revenue to Australian news corporations. Google last month threatened to block access to its search engine in Australia if the bill was passed. It has since rescinded the ultimatum and entered into talks with the media companies over revenue-sharing arrangements.

      With its news shutdown, Facebook is essentially declaring that it will not submit to any attempts by national governments to regulate its business practices. The ban is intended to send a menacing warning to other countries that are considering adopting similar media codes.

      Full story here

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      And Australians will abandon it in droves.

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      Jimmy Dore did an interview and Matt Stoller on this subject before this event happened. One of the solutions Stoller suggested was what the Australians wrote into law. Now Facebook is rebelling.


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