Fake MENA experts published on US right-wing sites, probe reveals

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      Nineteen fake authors published 90 opinion pieces in 46 different outlets, an investigation by The Daily Beast found [John Lamb/Getty Images]

      At least 19 fake personas, acting as Middle East experts, wrote 90 opinion pieces for dozens of mostly US right-wing news outlets, an investigation by a US news website has revealed.

      The opinion pieces had a common theme of heaping praise on the United Arab Emirates and advocating for a tougher stance on Qatar, Turkey, Iran and its proxy groups in Iraq and Lebanon, according to The Daily Beast which carried out the investigation.

      The articles were published in US conservative outlets such as the Washington Examiner, RealClear Markets, American Thinker and The National Interest.

      The Middle East-based websites that also published these pieces include Al Arabiya, The Arab News, and The Jerusalem Post.


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      That cannot possibly be true. The right is constantly saying that all news that they do not agree with is FAKE. How could they be guilty of doing the same.

      Not surprisingly the fake news went out of its way not to bad mouth Israel and Saudi Arabia – two of Trump’s best buddies in the whole wide world. How about that!

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      Anyway, it’s clear the Saudis/UAE and Israel are manufacturing propagandists masquerading as journalists, with American right wing publications either wittingly or unwittingly rebroadcasting them.

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