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      Deep in the dark, frigid expanse of the outer solar system, Farfarout slowly orbits the distant Sun, taking 1,000 years to complete each lonely orbit. First discovered in 1997 by astronomers at the Subaru eight-meter telescope on Maunakea in Hawaii, details of this frozen world are just now being revealed.

      Astronomers Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science, David Tholen from the University of Hawaii, and Chad Trujillo from Northern Arizona University have measured just how far out Farfarout is — about 132 astronomical units (AUs) from the Sun. (One AU is the distance between the Earth and Sun- about 150 million km or 93 million miles).

      The trio of astronomers have been searching the region of the Solar System beyond Pluto since 2012, looking for other planetary bodies that may floating in the frozen expanse. This intrepid team of planetary explorers also found the previous record-holder, FarOut, traveling around the Sun 124 AUs from the center of our solar system. By comparison, Pluto, once considered the ninth planet, orbits about 40 AUs from the Sun.

      Every 10 centuries, Farfarout completes another orbit of the Sun, while crossing the orbit of Neptune several times. These close encounters would likely result in occasional interactions between Farfarout and Neptune. Astronomers believe these close encounters might explain the highly-elliptical orbit of this distant world. Farfarout comes as close as 27 AUs from the Sun, and travels out as far as 175 times as far from the Sun as the Earth. “Farfarout was likely thrown into the outer Solar System by getting too close to Neptune in the distant past. Farfarout will likely interact with Neptune again in the future since their orbits still intersect,” Trujillo said.

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      That’s like, farfarfarout man!

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