Fascist sheriff needs lesson in child brain development

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      Scott Crowder
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      After police engage a 12 and 14 yr old in a half hour shootout.

      She had previously been arrested for allegedly stealing a dog when she was 11-years-old in 2018

      Arrested? Fucking really? And that a-hole cop calls her the thug?

      Chitwood said. “Because where the rubber meets the road, these kids are killers.”

      The sheriff added that the two children were previously in foster care, but said he had “no sympathy” for them, at one point calling them “thugs.”

      Asshole asks “where did we go wrong?” How about you tell an 11 yr. old kid to give back the dog and say you’re sorry?
      Not fucking tear them out of their home you fascist fucks?

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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      “Chitwood said. “They don’t want to understand that there’s evil in the world, and I can’t explain why a 12- or 14-year-old are evil.””

      == well, something like evil in the world

      Once the boy is taken by police, officers run up to the girl, who was slumped behind a car in the driveway, and administer first aid. The 14-year-old can be heard sobbing, and at one point calls out for her “mommy.”

      –damn thugs, playing on our emotions

      She had previously been arrested for allegedly stealing a dog when she was 11-years-old… The girl allegedly asked neighbors for dogs, electronics, and food on numerous occasions. The incident report says the girl “stated she took the dog because she loves animals.”

      –Yeah, what a thug.  Why’s the thug asking neighbors for food?

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      Killers? Who did they kill? It sounded like they shot at the 🐷🐖 but missed.

      You’d think the police might be trying to find who these guns belonged to instead of cracking down on kids.


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      Average Gazoo
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      She set it on fire.

      Watch the video. She traded gunfire with police for 35 minutes. She refused to negotiate. She put everyone at risk — neighbors, police, the boy.

      The system failed this girl when she was 11, maybe earlier, but a 14 year-old with a shotgun is just as deadly as anyone else. She should have been in a more secure facility for everyone’s safety including hers.

      Be the Change

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        In a different environment she may have been a very different person. The US, Federal, State and County, do not have the resources to help people with underlying crisis conditions. Other countries may – but we see more and more of it, and I think shootings from younger people are on the rise.

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        Cold Mountain Trail
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        “Traded” isn’t the word.

        The police shot 60 rounds according to the article, wounding both kids, one (the girl) seriously.  No police were wounded or hit.

        The homeowner only had 200 rounds total ammo in the house, and according to the article, the kids only fired FOUR times.  The girl fired ONE ROUND of a pump action shotgun. The boy had the ak and it doesn’t say how much he fired, but apparently 3 times if the girl only fired once.

        I’m gonna guess the “burning of the group home” was pretty minor too, maybe she set a wastebasket on fire, though I have no real info.  Just a hunch.

        “The children fired at the cops on four different occasions, according to police. The 14-year-old girl was shot by police three times. The boy, who was holding the AK-47, eventually dropped the weapon and was taken to the hospital as well, without major injuries…

        The two kids refused to come out, and remained in the house for an hour, until the 14-year-old fired the (pump action) shotgun at deputies at around 8:30 p.m., according to police. The boy shot at authorities as well…

        Deputies eventually shot the girl in her arm, chest and abdomen as she pointed her shotgun at them from outside the garage, Chitwood said. She was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery and was said to be in stable condition…

        Eventually, officers exchange fire with the girl, who appears to fire one round from a shotgun before she is shot by police. The 12-year-old boy, who had previously fired at police, can be seen staggering out from the garage of the house moments later, with his hands up in the driveway as the chopper circles above.




        Sorry excuse for a sheriff is calling them “bonnie and clyde”

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          Average Gazoo
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          found this instead:

          A security guard at a children’s home in Volusia County is fighting for his life after being attacked by a 14-year-old. Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said the 52-year-old security guard at Florida United Methodist Children’s Home in Enterprise was punched in the head multiple times during an altercation with a 14-year-old boy who attacked him.

          “In the past 83 days, we’ve been at the location 87 times. This weekend at least four of the youths that are assigned to the facility got out after dark and went on a car-breaking spree in Deltona,” Chitwood said. He says security at the home is extremely understaffed.

          Really sounds like no place for a 14-year old girl. Mixing genders, violent boys, no staff — I think I see what could go wrong. Hope they make some changes.


          Be the Change

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            Cold Mountain Trail
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            Well, already know that sheriff is a f**king liar:

            “The sheriff said on Tuesday that the girl had burned down a home in April, but on Wednesday, he corrected himself, saying the girl had set fires in a wooded lot that came close to burning homes…

            After the girl was charged with setting the fires, “DJJ, who’s the gatekeeper, decides that arson isn’t a violent crime,” Chitwood said at Wednesday’s news conference. “So they’re going to return her back to her mother. Well, her mother obviously can’t control her, so they placed her into foster care.



            —  My comment:  Knowing the sheriff is a liar (it’s his business to get the facts straight before he mouths off in public about *named children* & obviously he doesn’t give a shit about that kind of thing (called them evil, bonnie & clyde, cop killers, blah blah, so I don’t believe anything else coming out of his evil mouth.  Including his *second* story about her setting fires.  Whatever role she had in a fire on a vacant lot, it was nothing like what its made out to be.   How do I know?  Because no *decent, honest* human being would ever talk like this about named children in public, nor charge them with the charges he did.


            She cried for her ‘mommy’ when she was shot, and was likely was trying to get back to her mom when she ran away from foster care before they put her in this ‘home’

            There’s also this: the ‘home’ apparently has way too much stuff going on.  It’s reported in one of the article they’re chronically understaffed and in another that the clients are locked down with bars.

            This looks all homey and nice:


            But there’s also their addiction treatment program, mental health, dual diagnosis, wtf?


            I thought they might be in different locations but deltona is in volusia county so not sure what the deal is.


            The kids shot 4 times and the police shot 60 times (per the other article)

            The kids got really bogus charges and are now screwed forever.  They probably *will* become psycho criminals because no one gives a f**k about their lives.


            McTyer (CEO of Methodist Children’s home) said the two juveniles had been in the Emergency Shelter Care program, which currently serves three children.

            “As a result of this event, we will be placing a moratorium on our campus Emergency Shelter Care program for the next 30 days and then will cease to provide that service until such time if/when that we feel that we can do so in a safe manner for the children coming into care and simultaneously protect our staff who do a valiant job at caring for our children every day,” McTyer said.

            “At this juncture, the level of children who are being sent to us through Emergency Shelter care at times is beyond the scope of our capabilities to provide the care required and limits who we can serve as part of our mission.”



            — A little CYA & blame the kids there, too.


            Neither child had any history of violence until they got into the system.  The boy started in foster care and the girl stole a dog.  When she was 11.  The boy is under five feet tall at 12.  The girl asked neighbors for food.

            JFC, how obvious can it be that its the *adults* who are the real problem??



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