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      Public either loves or hates Kim Keon-hee

      By Lee Hae-rin Korea Times Jul 5-6

      As a first lady, Kim Keon-hee is unusual in many ways. Unlike her predecessors who tried to keep a low profile while their husbands were leading the country, Kim seems to care little about the public’s attention to her.

      She stands out to the point of overshadowing her husband on occasion. One aspect that draws attention to her is what she wears. As seen in her recent trip to Madrid, Spain, to accompany her husband Yoon Suk-yeol who took part in the 2022 NATO summit, the first lady could be called a fashionista.

      Some fashion experts have lauded her for her wardrobe choices.

      LOL, this is an English language public relations piece on first lady Kim Gon-hee. She is wanna be police state strongman Yoon Seok-yeol’s (the new president of South Korea) wife. Most people in South Korea, don’t approve of her or her husband’s performance thus far. This article trivializes the issue. If you want go to the link to see her “fashionista” Ukrainian colors outfit, bottom of the article.

      Puff piece on first lady Kim Gon-hee of South Korea suggests public dissatisfaction with her in South Korea is all about her personal style. None of the substantial allegations surrounding her are addressed.

      Right around presidential election time in South Korea, Le Monde published the article about the allegations which have otherwise appeared almost exclusively in South Korean independent media sources rather than in English.

      (Source- Le Monde Mar 8)

      Charges that alleged Kim Gon-hee was part of an insider trading scheme in the so-called Deutsche Motors stock trading scandal, were nolle prossed by the prosecution, while all the other suspects except Kim and her mother went to jail.

      I had seen references in one South Korean commentary that the image of Yoon Seok-yeol with all his flaws was more apparent in the foreign press, but I’ve seen no evidence of that here in the US.

      I’m guessing that the European leaders’ wives avoided Kim at the NATO summit events (except for the Spanish monarchy) because they are aware of the Yoon Seok-yeol “wife risk” issue as it is known in South Korean political circles. Pictures of the wives of NATO members and partners barely revealed Kim’s presence as she was basically blocked out of the picture, and not able to find a place to stand.

      Kim is alleged by critics as the potential analog to Choi Son-shil, former president Park Geun-hye’s co-defendant at the impeachment trial. A woman with basically no qualifications who was effectively controlling Park and the presidential office before the latter was impeached, convicted, and sentenced to prison for corruption.

      Yoon’s popularity went into a dive after the NATO get together in Madrid.

      Yoon’s deputy National Security Advisor Kim Tae-hyo reported that the agreement for the Yoon, Biden and Kishida to sit down wasn’t reached until the “eleventh hour.” This means Kishida was the hold out, playing hard to get. He wouldn’t agree to an informal one on one summit with Yoon. Appearing to make concessions to Korea is bad for ones image in Japanese politics. Yoon and his security advisor are both pro-Japan 친일 and hardliners 강경파 of the cold war variety. Korean Prime Minister Han Duk-soo ludicrously maintained that the South Korean president apparently joining in the NATO/anti-Sino front wouldn’t have any significant economic repercussions on the South Korean economy.

      (Source-언론 알아야 바꾼다 youtube 7.4; 2찍 국민들의 늦은 후회…) South Korean public surveys agree that President Yoon Seok-yeol’s approval rating (blue lines) took a dive during his visit to Madrid, while his disapproval rating (red lines) rose to over 50 percent in most surveys. This is being evaluated as a “death cross” by opposition political analysts and ostensibly presages a rocky road ahead for the right wing president.

      Last I checked it was 54 % disapprove; 44% approve. So the spread is getting worse for the new administration.

      There is also a struggle for control of National Assembly committees which has deadlocked the legislature. The so called “People’s Power Party” PPP on the conservative side, believes because they have the presidency, they should control the most powerful committees in the National Assembly, despite being the minority party. This development is in addition to the President having taken unprecedented control of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the National Police Agency, and the National Intelligence Service. There is fear among progressives that South Korean DINO’s called su bak in Korean, will capitulate to the right’s pressure tactics.

      I expanded my commentary on Yoon’s humiliating experience in Madrid which is posted here:

      Similar commentary to the above on a different web site was locked last night.

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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      I think she dresses beautifully, very tasteful and simple.

      The green skirt is reminiscent of those traditional Korean women’s skirts.  (Dunno the name, and some pictures appear to be culotte type pants).  If its supposed to be reminiscent, then it seems just about perfect for a formal dinner, as well as beautiful.

      Only the Van’s with the pants outfit are a little off for formal wear, but maybe she’s just wearing them to walk rather than to a state dinner.

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      @cold mountain trail

      the thousand dollar sneakers, the four hundred dollar t shirt, the four thousand  dollar skirt, the hundred thousand dollar necklace, they all reflect her insecurity about her low class background.    This goes along with her Kim Gon-hee love social media sites and fan cafes.   Her name change, her face change etc. to hide her former past, etc.   She’s tacky.

      I would describe the green dress as gaudy.  It doesn’t look like any hanbok I’ve ever seen.    She does fancy herself the trendsetter, and likes to hobnob with the Korean chaebol elites who patronize her art exhibitions  (kind of like Hunter’s art auctions).    If she appears in media buying the most mundane or absurdly overpriced designer product, it will sell out the next day.


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