FB has officially censored my post trying to share Glenn Greenwald’s latest

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      and has also censored my attempt to tell my friends about the censorship, in which I mentioned his outstanding record for accuracy and the fact that even establishment-leaning sites like PolitiFact and MediaBias/FactCheck rate his work as “mostly true.”

      I’ve further been warned that I’ll be evicted from facebook entirely if I continue to try to post {whatever it is that I wasn’t supposed to post in the first place, which remains unclear since it was from a reliable source and violated no community standards}.

      Suggestions for alternative platforms where I can communicate progressive views to friends?  (I’ve tried to persuade them to join JPR, to no effect; I don’t know why.  Most of them have migrated to instagram where they mostly just post photos promoting themselves or their work.)

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      Babel 17
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      Next time post a video of kittens, and then underneath that post Greenwald’s article. lol, Facebook has a soft spot for cute animals.

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      Scott Crowder
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      You share your link, then everyone here share it to FB.

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      I sometimes miss catching up with what’s going on with old friends I’d never see or hear from otherwise, but not so much that I’m willing to let these toxic websites pollute my mind. I relish my peace of mind.

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      Utopian Leftist
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      is a more holistic social media site. But of course, getting your friends to join is another matter.

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      because other friends won’t move to something better, like Discord. That is my primary social media service. I don’t know why my friends won’t use it. The only censorship I’ve ever heard about was the server (all individual groups have their own ‘server’ on Discord) for the Gamestop group getting temporarily shutdown. But, I’ve never had any of my political-news videos removed or blocked, and no warnings.

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