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Home Main Forums General Discussion FBI head contradicts Trump White House over Rob Porter background check

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    FBI head contradicts Trump White House over Rob Porter background check


    FBI head contradicts Trump White House over Rob Porter background check
    Chris Wray disputes White House’s claims of ignorance over allegations of domestic abuse, saying investigation was submitted

    FBI director Chris Wray contradicted the White House on Tuesday about when the bureau had completed a background investigation of former Donald Trump aide Rob Porter, who resigned last week following allegations of domestic violence.

    Trump chief of staff ‘shocked’ as aide resigns over domestic abuse claims

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    To this point, the White House has claimed ignorance of allegations of spousal abuse against Porter, who was promoted to become a close aide to the president, until the moment photos of one of his ex-wives, Colbie Holderness, were published last week showing her with a badly bruised eye.

    A White House spokesman blamed that ignorance on a failure by the FBI to wrap up a background check on Porter. White House chief of staff John Kelly said last Wednesday that he was “shocked” to hear of the allegations.

    But Wray testified before Congress that the FBI had submitted a completed background investigation on Porter to the White House in July 2017 and later supplied two followup reports.



    Well, no one on Trump’s team would lie, would they?

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  • Iorek (119 posts)
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    1. Was the report one page long with bullet points?

    If not, no one in the White House read it.

    Formerly known as Beowulf.
  • peacecorps (4876 posts)
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    2. For a president who is, as least sporadically, concerned about intelligence

    ‘sources and methods’, he does not seem too concerned about having so many people one his White House staff who have access to secret document without having security clearance.

    A US spy chief has warned that presidential aides with interim security clearances should have “limited” access to secret information.

    Mr Kushner reportedly has only interim security clearance, like Mr Porter.


  • retired liberal (2251 posts)
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    3. It is only a lie if you know it to be not true.

    Then it is just a simple falsehood, an opinion. Everyone is entitled to his, or her own opinion.
    So no big deal, right? Just ask FOX.

    No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up. Lily Tomlin ::: Society would be much better off if a simple law was passed... That upon a Company/Organization acting unlawfully, the Directors/Executives/Senior Management (and anyone directly involved) shall be held personally liable and upon successful prosecution will face jail time.