FBI won’t officially clear Cuellar of wrongdoing before Election Day

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      As the primary runoff elections are well underway, eyes all around the country continue to be on the Democratic race for Texas’ District 28 between longtime incumbent Rep. Henry Cuellar and challenger Jessica Cisneros.

      And a potentially major concern for some voters remains the status of Cuellar, who had his home and office raided by the FBI in January. Cuellar’s lawyer Joshua Berman proclaimed he was not a target of the investigation in mid-April.

      In a conversation with LMT this week, however, an FBI media representative refused to clear the nine-term incumbent of wrongdoing, stating both the FBI and the Department of Justice do not comment on the existence of any investigation.

      Furthermore, no other media outlets have been able to confirm Berman’s proclamation of Cuellar’s innocence. That means outside of Cuellar’s own lawyer, voters are unfortunately stuck with no confirmation one way or the other regarding whether or not Cuellar is a target of the investigation as they head to the polls for Election Day on Tuesday.


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