Feckin Russians are trying to influence my vote

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      “We are fast approaching the end of 2018, with all 12 months of the year proving action-packed and full of records, sensations and scandals in the world of sport.

      Amid all the headlines of glorious victories and devastating defeats, female Russian stars from the world of sport gained plenty of acclaim for their record-breaking achievements as well as eye-catching social media posts.

      RT Sport recaps 2018 month by month, looking back at some of Russia’s best and brightest female sports figures who captured the imagination”

      They captured My imagination!.

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      This year, season 3 – instead of being about the CIA, it is about Dastardly Russian Goings-On in Estonia or somewhere like that.  Regurgitated Putin!!!  Russia!!! crap.   I watched the first two episodes, bored the crap out of me.  Sort of looked like it was produced, written, and directed by the DNC and DU and various Russia!!!! drummers.   Looked up reviews, and the comments were all YES!!!!  Let’s show those Russkis we are on to their tricksy ways!!!  So – no more Berlin Station for me.  I will miss Rhys Ifans, but it doesn’t look like he is on this season anyway, and if this is the last season, so what.

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