Federal worker: “Democrats are just as eager as Republicans to victimize immigrants”

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      Leave it to the WSWS to actually send someone to ask federal workers what they think of this latest government shutdown. It is a short interview. My two favorite paragraphs:

      “I haven’t heard a peep from the union about the shutdown, not even to complain about the near-total blackout of information from EPA leadership. Not that I expect anything else. I remember prior to the long shutdown of the Obama administration they did absolutely nothing to organize workers to fight back. The only thing they did do was give us some condescending advice on how to buy cheaper Christmas presents.

      “I also recall clearly how they lobbied Congress, arguing that well-educated federal employees shouldn’t be treated like Walmart workers—implying that we were somehow better and deserved to be treated with more respect. What a load of garbage! If anything, our experience over the last few years shows that we’re just as expendable; that we’re all in the same boat. Our real allies are those who are also being exploited, not the millionaires who line the halls of Congress.”

      Link to full article. 

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      Both “sides” act terribly to workers; pretending a corporate Democrat president would be any better is ridiculous – but that is what is being pushed by the DNC.

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      is disrupted neither dems nor repugs give a dam about the workers. The truth is always bitter

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