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    Few town halls are on the agendas of Iowa, Nebraska lawmakers; meetings elsewh..

    By Joseph Morton / World-Herald Bureau Feb 20, 2017 Updated 1 hr ago

    WASHINGTON — Town hall meetings are a staple of American politics, public forums where constituents can speak their minds and direct pointed questions at public officials.
    But recent volatile meetings elsewhere in the U.S. have some lawmakers questioning the value of holding town halls, especially with activists urging people to use them as opportunities for confrontation.
    As lawmakers contemplate sweeping changes to health care, taxes and other policies, many people in Nebraska and western Iowa have been calling on their elected representatives to host those kinds of public meetings during this week’s congressional recess.

    Iowa’s two U.S. senators are holding public meetings during the recess but not the two House members from western Iowa.

    FULL story: http://www.omaha.com/news/politics/few-town-halls-are-on-the-agendas-of-iowa-nebraska/article_7754b3aa-3d49-59fd-b19f-22ac921804f4.html

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