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  • PiedPiper (1106 posts)
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    Film: Silenced (2014)

    This film is available on Netflix.  It’s about whistleblowers and how the so called ‘deep state’ was

    operating at the time, breaking laws willy nilly to hide or expunge info and come down on those

    trying to bring it to light.



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    "..... Two faces; one for love and another for the DMV".   --  Between The Two, by poet Kenji Liu

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  • gordyfl (308 posts)
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    1. I'll watch it – after watching the trailer. Very interesting.

    “I want my September 10th country back.”

  • NV Wino (2348 posts)
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    2. Thanks. Just added it to my queue.

        Don't blame me. I voted for Bernie and Jill.