“Fire DeJoy” Demand Intensifies as 10-year Plan to Sabotage Postal Service

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      It’s about fucking time. I signed this petition…

      Read more at Common Dreams

      by Jake Johnson

      Postmaster General Louis DeJoy at a House hearing

      Defenders of the U.S. Postal Service are urgently renewing their calls for the ouster of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy as his 10-year plan to overhaul the cherished government institution is set to take effect Friday, ushering in permanently slower mail delivery while hiking prices for consumers.

      “DeJoy calls his plan ‘Delivering for America,’ but it will do the exact opposite—slowing many First Class Mail deliveries down, taking their standard from three to five days,” Porter McConnell of Take on Wall Street, a co-founder of the Save the Post Office Coalition, warns in a video posted online late Tuesday.

      “Slower ground transportation will also now be prioritized over air transportation,” McConnell added. “These new service standards won’t improve the Postal Service—they will make it harder for people all across the country to receive  their medications, their bills, their paychecks, and more.”

      Appointed in May 2020 by the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors, DeJoy—a major donor to former President Donald Trump—sparked a nationwide uproar by dramatically slowing mail delivery in the run-up to that year’s pivotal elections, which relied heavily on absentee voting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      Don’t understand this 3-5 day standard. Sometimes the mail takes as much as a month to arrive and sometimes never arrives.

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      we had a long discussion a while back at https://jackpineradicals.com/boards/topic/us-postal-mail-will-be-days-slower-starting-october-1/ .

      I think I can summarize it as “nothing will fundamentally change” with Biden as the puppet in charge.

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      NV Wino
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      Slimy piece of shit.

      “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee
      “Politicians and pro athletes: The only people who still get paid when they lose.” William Rivers Pitt

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      So in other words, it started under Obama, though frankly it started under Bush, if not sooner. Obama just helped. One of the problems with removing DeJoy is one of Obama’s appointments is a big supporter.

      In America, “Liberty” means “Free to Die in Service of Capital” - Amfortas the hippie.

      Most of today’s elites have the moral and social reasoning capacities of spoiled toddlers.

      “People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage...but the privileged also feel that their privileges, however egregious they may seem to others, are a solemn, basic, God-right. The sensitivity of the poor to injustice is a trivial thing c

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        Mr. Mickeys Mom
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        Privatize while working across administrations as to the source, while polarizing the reason. That darned work force for the USPO has been given marching orders to fund their pension 50 to 75 years in advance.

        This DeJoy ought to be taken out with his friends and strung up.

        Fucking trying to privatize everything. As Jordan Chariton from Status Coup’s flag shows, it’s the United Corporation of America.

        Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      Bernie Boomer
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      to be fired, since it’s almost an impossibility given the current make-up of the USPS Board, we should be demanding that Congress revoke the fucking Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006.
      The Post Office is going under because it has to pre-fund its pension fund 50 years in advance, something NO other government agency or private corporation is required to do.
      Because they are the only government agency that does not receive any government funding.
      Because the nature of mail is fundamentally and permanently altered.
      And because Louis “Death Star” DeJoy is doing the job he was hired to do – vaporize the entire service and privatize the mail.

      We can’t change the nature of how people send stuff to other people. We can’t (unfortunately) get rid of DeJoy until there is a USPS Board willing to do it. We can challenge our government to pull their heads out; to stop bleeding the service dry and fund it, as well.

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      Of course down here in Hell, that has an entirely different meaning….

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      Snort McDork
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      The night I got this shot, he was on a roll.

      Looks like one of his trifectas.

      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

      "I like Birdy Num-Nums"

      If you come for Nina Turner, Your ish better be airtight like Tupperware" -Rashida Talib

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      We can hope (lol) that Biden will name two new governors before the end of this year. He can soon replace both Bloom (appointed by Trump) who is currently serving a one-year holdover term and John Barger, whose term expires in December.

      Any bets?

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