Florida man sexually assaults two stuffed animals inside a Target store

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    A Florida man admitted to doing “stupid stuff” after sexually assaulting two stuffed animals in a Target store.

    The suspect, Cody Meader, started his bizarre sex romp with a stuffed animal from Disney’s “Frozen,” then moved onto a stuffed unicorn around 2 p.m. Tuesday, according to Pinellas County, Fla.

    “(Meader) proceeded to select a large Olaf stuffed animal and began to ‘dry hump’ and they ejaculated onto the item before placing it back on the shelf,” according to police.

    He reportedly selected Olaf from an assortment of “Frozen” characters before throwing it on the floor and doing the deed.

    I feel much better since I gave up hope.

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    Flying Squirrel
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    Florida man, what will he do next?

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    Passionate Progressive
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    For those as curious as I was, here’s a picture of the man with a similar ‘victim’.


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    Florida Man, I love you!

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    Florida Man – he sure does keep himself busy…

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    Ewww, why did I click on this?

    Poor Olaf. I hope he gets counseling.


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    I know some people really get obsessed with their Disney movies, but that’s a bit much!

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    I was in my 60’s when I found out about plushies and pony play.  On HBO.  Since I live in Florida, maybe I had better hide the Beanie Babies someone gave me to eBay (that window actually closed a while back, wish I had been an ebayer when I was working in Tokyo, I could have made a lot of Beanie Baby money).  Further reflection – is plushie sex where Beanie Babies come from?

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    Snort McDork
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    I’m sure the Target customers were surprised.


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