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  • LiberalElite (6616 posts)
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    Florida officer hailed as hero in Pulse shooting to be terminated from police fo


    A Florida police officer left with post-traumatic stress disorder in wake of his heroic response to the Pulse nightclub massacre is being let go from the Eatonville Police Department just a few months ahead of becoming vested in his pension.

    Omar Delgado, a 45-year-old corporal with the force, was one of the first responders to arrive at the Orlando club where a gunman killed 49 people and injured dozens more. It’s the second deadliest shooting in United States history after this year’s massacre at a Las Vegas country music festival.

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  • PuffGranny (587 posts)
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    1. He should be taken care of for life

    I don’t know if he’d be fit to work desk duty, the article can only tell us so much. But as someone who lives with ptsd, he may very well not be able to perform his duties. Again, I don’t know more than the article says, but why can’t we just support him for the rest of his life?

    Thanks for all that you did for us, Bernie.
  • Fordfairlanestl (1562 posts)
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    2. This is so fucked up

    in so many ways. And it didn’t have to be this way.  It’s corporate America in it’s finest moments.

    3 years prior to my wife retiring, her company put her in a job she was not qualified for. I have no idea why, unless they were setting her up for termination. To my surprise, they kept her “laying low” in this new position, for her last few years of employment. She had worked for the company for 35 years, making good money and 100% vested in a pension. They could have fucked her over the past 2 years, but elected not to. Some companies do care. It certainly told me what a fine organization they were.

    All I’m saying is that just because the policy says one thing(terminate), that should not be set in stone. Extenuating circumstances should apply on a one on one basis.

    There is no one like Bernie Sanders. NO ONE!!! I ONLY vote for grass root "progressive" politicians that support: "Single Payer", "Tuition Free College",and "15 bucks an hour". Remember, Establishment democrats would rather lose to a republican than support a progressive democrat. The cause is right!!  The time is NOW!!! We need a revolution. And we need it NOW. That is all.....   Have a great day.