Florida parents are getting high and exposing themselves during kids’ virtual classes

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      It’s a lesson in reading, writing and reefer.

      Florida moms and dads have been spotted smoking weed, drinking and walking around half-naked in the background of their kids’ online classes, frustrated teachers said at a school board meeting.

      “Parents, please make sure that you have on proper clothing when you are walking behind your child’s computer because we’ve seen them in their drawers, their bras, and everything else,” Boca Raton Elementary teacher Edith Pride vented Wednesday, according to KATV.

      She and other educators said they’ve seen everything from parents puffing giant joints to moms with exposed ankle monitors during virtual lessons, which began in the district two weeks ago.



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      Jan Boehmerman
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      She is obviously clueless on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs…  “smoking weed, drinking and walking around half-naked” IS self-actualization in Boca Raton, FL!

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      The only person who should see the children is the teacher, not the other students.

      Of course the NY Post is full of bluster and no information.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      And now they want to impose a behavior and dress code on parents who are already in over their heads trying to make online learning work. So now teachers have to see parents who don’t want to be doing what they’re doing in various states of undress or smoking a little dope. I can’t blame them!

      Teachers do have another option: Reopen the schools. Oh, don’t like that? Tough. Deal with what you have to online.

      I admit I’m biased here. My stepdaughter works at a daycare center and has the responsibility for helping kids with online classes, and she’s not qualified, and making less money than she did before the pandemic. I have no sympathy left for teachers complaining about what’s on the background of the cameras in people’s private homes.

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