Folks like this is IMO one of the reasons why I think the repugs will become a regonal party again

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      Here’s the link

      Looks like that sczium between red state and blue/purple state repugs the party spent so much effort to hide since the Regan days is finally showing signs of breaking down.  And I think the (possible) blue/purple states breaking away  and joining the dems to end this wall BS will finally thing is going to shatter it.

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      I don’t know what is going to happen to the GOP. Difficult to see is the future. But what you say is possible. Unfortunately, one of the regions will be the hickish parts of Ohio. Good thing I live in a city, eh?

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      Repubs may shape shift into a different monster but they’re not going anywhere. If dems regain the white house and the senate but fail to accomplish anything substantial, there’s only one alternative. Besides, it only took the country a few years to forget about Nixon and elect Reagan in a landslide. There’s no reason something like that can’t happen again after the Trumplicans are gone. As long as we remain a two party system republicans will always be viable.

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      Ms. Lindsey has a bee in her bonnet, as usual. Somebody needs to remind the Senator that they are one of 100, not the whole Government.

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