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      …”disaster capitalists” are actively exploiting the covid-19 crisis to do things we’d never allow if we weren’t already dealing with so much. We must be vigilant to protect our liberties and our own welfare; AND we must consider exploiting this opportunity in the same way the 1% do.

      The ongoing financial meltdown is not primarily about the virus or its effects on the economy, although that will be deployed as cover; covid-19 is more importantly the tremor needed to bring down the hollowed-out house of cards that the 1% had already made of our economy.

      This hollowing out began with Reagan’s tax cuts and “trickle down” theory; but it was massively furthered by Bill Clinton’s repeal of Glass-Steagall and refusal to regulate credit derivatives, and it’s been furthered by every administration since including the hallowed Obama, who immediately following his inauguration put Goldman Sachs alumns in charge of the Treasury and proceeded with a massive bail-out of Wall St. while doing virtually nothing for the 99%. (Importantly to me, Obama also refused to even to consider public option health insurance, supported the NSA’s mass surveillance of innocent US citizens, condoned or expanded droning and rendition, etc.)

      When we first elected Obama, he was an unknown; and I’m not saying he was all bad, but clearly, he was not what we needed and hoped for.

      But Bernie Sanders is not an unknown; everyone concedes he is the real deal. We have a unique opportunity to elect a once-in-a-lifetime candidate who owes not one dime to Wall Street and who’s spent his entire life battling for the 99% by every means at his disposal – a new FDR.

      To those who worry about a “socialist,” point out that his opposition will still be so powerful that he won’t be able to move things to our advantage to any great extent.

      But if we accept a Biden or a Trump, either will beyond all doubt continue to facilitate to a greater or slightly-less-great extent the looting by the 1% of what remains of our rights, means, and environment, and things will get much worse.

      Now – when the disastrous consequences of Wall St.’s decades-long pillaging are exposed for all to see (including even the evisceration of our pandemic response capabilities along with our other infrastructures, while war chests and 1% wealth have been fattened) – now is the time for we who create and build, with the love and joy that that pursuit brings and requires, to do all we can to help bring our fellow citizens to understand how both Democratic and Republican establishments have betrayed us, and to elect someone who will fight for the 99% with all of his mind, heart, and soul.

      Link to Sanders campaign volunteer page:



      Destruction is easy; creation is hard, but more interesting.

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      It’s worth noting that congress has a lot of money in the stock market, so of course they’re going to prop it up.  At some point people need to stop paying taxes and these bailouts.

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      David the Gnome
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      I wish I had that faith.  It is all too obvious where things are headed though – and all too obvious most people prefer to remain asleep.  Biden is essentially “winning”.  Whether this is by foul means (fraud, e-voting machine tampering, voter suppression) doesn’t matter unless someone proves it.  The proof would have to be indisputable.

      No, I get the feeling that some of the events happening right now (though probably not the virus) are following a script.  Massive plunging in oil prices and stock is leading to massive production boosts.  This will ultimately lead to cheaper, more available fossil fuels.

      Time is just about up.  The Arctic is melting, the emissions are worsening, we are likely, as well, to soon face new types of bacteria that no human has faced for thousands of years.  Meanwhile, at least here in the U.S., the oligarchs control our media and our government.

      The world wont end overnight, but i think America will fall long before it does.  We are not ready.  Instead of using the wealth of the Nation to invest in good things, in people, in infrastructure, in New energy, the Lions share has gone to war, to oil, to fools with private jets and private armies.

      I had hope – until i realized that the fix was already in.  It was proven on super Tuesday – and the following tuesday, i think it will be proven again.

      Perhaps when the house of cards comes tumbling down we can strive to rebuild… But it is coming down.  Bernie can’t stop it, because the powers that be wont even let him try.

      They don’t believe, or don’t care, that time is up.  Perhaps they think they will rule over what is left when the process of this society has reached its final stupidity.

      It is heart breaking, but… Even when i strive for optimism, I cannot deny that the shit is hitting the fan.  Slowly, but surely, we are a civilization facing its destruction.

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        A lot could happen between now and the convention.  And as said in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, “Nothing is inevitable except defeat for those who give up.”

        Destruction is easy; creation is hard, but more interesting.

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      Capitalist have always used whatever happens to make a profit for themselves. Think 9/11. Think the 2008 bankster bailouts.



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      Red Cloud
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      Find them and punish them, plus get back our meager savings.

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