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    A report in the Washington Post last year found that employers such as Activision Blizzard, a videogame company, were offering financial incentives for employees to use family-planning apps – and then monitoring these apps to see how many of their employees were pregnant or facing high-risk pregnancies.

    A company executive boasted to the Post that its employees were growing used to the company mining their data. “Each time we introduced [a digital monitoring tool], there was a bit of an outcry: ‘You’re prying into our lives,’” the executive said. “But we slowly increased the sensitivity of stuff and eventually people understood it’s all voluntary.”

    Just how voluntary are these wellness programmes, though? There have been lawsuits in the US over whether employers are offering such high incentives to disclose their private health data that employees feel there’s no choice but to acquiesce. Not to mention, companies are collecting increasing amounts of sensitive information from their workforce without explicit consent.

    A friend of mine used to work at a startup. While she was there, the company installed sensors in the bathroom – apparently, it was tracking how many times people went to wee at work. While that may be funny, the fact that companies such as U-Haul are increasingly trying to mandate our personal lives really isn’t. Particularly as I have a feeling more and more employers will follow the moving company’s lead; just U-Wait.

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    #Boycott U-Haul! They must be stopped.

    No business has any right to dictate what you do in your PRIVATE LIFE.

    What corrupt corporate Amerikkka has been doing is s-l-o-w-l-y conditioning people to accept their invasiveness into our private lives. First it was a blood test to work for them, then it was a urinalysis AND blood test to work for them. Then it a blood test, urinalysis AND background check to work for them. Then it was a blood test, urinalysis, background check AND fingerprints (last straw for me! I quit a job because they wanted my fingerprints) NOW, they’re taking it to your HOME and personal life and how you live it. They have no right to do that, but since jobs are so hard to come by, you’ll now acquiesce because you HAVE TO to live.

    Over decades,  they’ve been conditioning people into accepting their illegal invasiveness. It’s time to draw a line or they will end up with cameras in your home to see how you’re living. Ring doorbell? Anyone? Cameras are already ON your house. Some people already have Ring cameras IN their homes.

    They already have “Smart meters” on our electric and water meters so they know if we’re home at any given time by knowing if we used electric or water at any time during a particular day.

    Then they will put tracking devices on your cars to know where you go. That’s not far off. That’s if you don’t have GPS. If you do, you’re already being tracked. Or tracked through your smartphone.

    Then they will chip you like a dog.

    Mark my words. That’s coming. You will be chipped.

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    I am so glad I’m literally within weeks of retiring, and won’t have to ever deal with this shit any more.

    There is a wellness program at my work. It’s completely voluntary and there is very little in the way of financial incentives. But they really try to guilt you into it. If you do choose to participate, there is some information required that I’m just not comfortable handing over. The most insidious thing is the idea that if you are stressed and experiencing any stress-related maladies, it is not because of the Sisyphean  workload or lack of resources, it’s because you don’t eat right or exercise enough. Fuck that bullshit. And it is very female-oriented; everything that comes from the program, the email newsletters and such, looks like it came from the pages of Cosmopolitan.

    It is really a fucking joke, but it does open the door to more and more invasive surveillance. These programs coerce people into voluntarily giving up information that would be unconstitutional for the government to collect, so employers do what the government can’t. Pee tests were just the beginning.

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    Corporatism is the legal fiction that property can be people.

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    Total control over an employee’s life.Even monitoring their social media posts for unacceptable opinions.We even have a celebrity case we can point to as an example:Roseanne Barr,who was fired for a  racist social media tweet  in her private life ,not for any racist content she placed on air.She should have sued the crap out of the company for violating her right of free speech.And yes,free speech does extend even to views you find reprehensible.

    Just like the coal mining camps in my parents’ day did to workers,monitoring their mail to see what newspapers and magazines they were getting.

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    Anyone who thinks the companies CARE about them is delusional.  It is all about productivity and risk.  And saving on insurance premiums.  The insurance companies will also use that data against you.

    My first job – very lowly claims clerk at State Farm, $40 a week, 1965.  If any of us called in sick, a nurse came to our HOMES to make sure we were both sick and at home.  Our frequency of restroom visits were monitored by our supervisors.  Excessive trips to the ladies room were brought up at review time, if they waited that long, that is.

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