Former Marine wearing body armor fatally shoots four people, including baby in mother’s arms, Florida Sheriff says

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      (CNN) A former Marine outfitted in body armor fatally shot four people, including a baby, mother and grandmother, at a property outside Lakeland, Florida, early Sunday morning in what the local sheriff called an “active shooter rampage.”

      The suspect, identified as Brian Riley, 33, then engaged in a firefight with law enforcement officers before surrendering to authorities, but he later attempted to take a gun from an officer at a hospital, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said.

      Afterward, deputies found four people dead: a 40-year-old man, a 3-month-old baby and the baby’s 33-year-old mother inside the home, and the baby’s 62-year-old grandmother in a second house on the property, Judd said. The family’s dog, Diogi, was also fatally shot, he added.

      An 11-year-old girl had been shot multiple times and was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital for surgery. She is expected to recover. Another child who had earlier been missing was located alive and well, Judd said.

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      from owning guns on mental health grounds.

      They have been taught to break our major societal taboo – it’s OK to kill.

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        Even though I’ve never fired a gun at anyone before in my life, including when I was in the military. Yah, that’ll go over well with veterans and their families.

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          It’s also unconstitutional.

          But I do wonder about the impact of being in years of combat situations on members of the military – I see the suicide rate too.

          For that matter, it can’t be healthy for a nation either to glorify the military.

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      a Youtube military historian reported that a British army officer told him that while in WW2 only 5% of soldiers were able to actually shoot to kill “today we’ve gotten that up to 95%!”

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      In an interview with deputies, the suspect described himself as “a survivalist” and confessed to being on methamphetamine, Judd said. The suspect’s girlfriend told authorities that he had been diagnosed with PTSD and had been acting erratically in the past week, saying that he was receiving visions from God, according to the sheriff.

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      Looks like a co-morbidity. I was looking at an undated VA website and it suggested that if there was substance abuse, it could be a factor adversely affecting the diagnosis. I didn’t see anything in a fairly dated DSM-5 for PTSD they had linked that referred to secondary psychosis. There are some scholarly articles on the co-morbidity of PTSD and psychosis that say it is real. The meth use confounds this guys problem big time. Maybe he has an insanity defense anyway.

      There is a big problem trying to get competent ptsd treatment for veterans. There is a big PR effort by the government to suggest otherwise. I’m not convinced. Drug abuse sometimes represents a self treatment effort. Unwise of course, but that can happen.

      The forensic evidence in this suspect’s case will be interesting. His attorney’s will have to do the incompetence and then insanity route. Good luck getting a impartial jury in a case like this. People are just generally biased against mental illness claims. Add in the multiple deaths…big legal challenge.

      I had posted this comment earlier on Hasslecat’s related thread. I wondered if anyone was more up to date on this than I am.

      “Soldiers have long taken drugs to help them fight. Amphetamines like Dexedrine were distributed widely to American, German, British and other forces during World War II and to U.S. service members in Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. ”

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