Former White House Employee Who Served 11 Presidents Dies of Corona Virus at 91

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    A former White House butler who served 11 presidents has died at 91 after contracting the coronavirus, his granddaughter confirmed to NBC News Thursday.

    Wilson Roosevelt Jerman was one of the White House’s longest-serving employees, remembered fondly by former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush in a statement to NBC News on Wednesday.

    “He was a lovely man,” the Bushes said. “He was the first person we saw in the morning when we left the residence and the last person we saw each night when we returned.”

    Former Secretary of State and first lady Hillary Clinton said that she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, were saddened to hear of Jerman’s death.


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    He was 91. Annie Glenn was 100. Both “died of the coronavirus,” according to the media. Could it be possible that they had any other pre-existing conditions and/or medications that had something to do with their demise as well as the coronavirus?

    Those things are never mentioned. Ever. It’s time to demand more information, and to call bullshit on the scare tactics.

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    Is it due to the infection or numerous preexisting conditions the elderly usually have?

    You damn well know it is the virus. No one’s trying to scare the little children. A pandemic is not about you or who might get scared.

    If a 40 year old obese man with diabetes dies while infected with the corona virus would we claim he died from obesity? Is it just the elderly  we should ignore when they die from complications from  the virus? I guess being old means you don’t matter if you die during a pandemic.

    If they had caught a bacterial pneumonia and they died at 91 would you blame it on their age or the bacterial pneumonia?

    If the person had caught any other disease while elderly, would people get all twisted in a knot if that disease were blamed?

    What is it with people getting so overly concerned about the reputation of a disease?

    Don’t worry the virus doesn’t care.

    And the Truth is more people are dying from the virus than is actually being counted.

    All over the world, in an effort to paint a rosy picture and keep unconcerned politicians from getting blamed for their failure to act, people are dying from the virus, quietly, at home with no one counting them.

    The powers that be are rigging the death count and in almost every case it is to make it less – Not higher, I guarantee. The marked increase in deaths since the virus began spreading, is not accounted for by the minimal numbers people are claiming are coronavirus deaths. Just multiply the number of dead from the coronavirus by 2 or 3 or 6 and then you may get an accurate count. Don’t be scared, it is just data.


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      Ohio Barbarian
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      According to the American Medical Association, this thing is about ten time worse in causing death than ordinary influenza. The hard, cold, math says that’s about 600,000 American deaths from it.

      My point is this is not the Black Death or the White Plague or Captain Trips. It isn’t smallpox. Yet, it is being treated as such by governments and the media. Are we going to shut down like this every time a new bug comes along, and do nothing about our inadequate health care system? Is our government going to cry pandemic every time social and political movements come along in order to suppress dissent?

      I think it might. That concerns me, and the deadliness of the coronavirus is being deliberately exaggerated in the popular imagination. They are trying to keep us scared and afraid to go out and do anything that might threaten the establishment.

      Meanwhile, I have to work with the public 40 hours a week, so I really don’t want to hear about how dangerous this thing isn’t.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      If Democrats don’t stand for the people, why should people stand for them?--Jim Hightower

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        If anything experts say we opened up too soon and many states had weak restrictions. Also protests are still happening and they are traveling hundreds of miles to attend these protests actually spreading the virus. This is one thing I’m paying attention to experts more than partisans on either side.

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    David the Gnome
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    Going to have to agree with @fasttense on this one.  Sure, it could have had much to do with age and other conditions – but if the person has the virus and, presumably, the symptoms, that would seem to indicate cause of death.

    You know there are (or at least were, once) cultures in which people living to be over 100 is common.  Honestly, I think it has much to do with the stress of modern life and diet – and probably toxicity.  Poverty, too, naturally.

    What gets to me is that millions have no way to pay for treatment.  My fiance got a call from our town hospital yesterday about a bill.  One thousand dollars – because they tested her for influenza before she could go back to work after a minor cold.  That was over a month ago now.

    If a damn flu test is 1k, I’m not sure it matters how old we are, we are fucked in terms of hospital care.  That, of course, is just stabbing at the nerve now that Sanders is out and our chances of a single payer system are basically gone.

    To me, one of the ugliest things about this virus is that it is really hitting the poor and working class like a damn train.  No economic relief in sight..

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    They wander about spreading the disease and being lucky enough not to have severe symptoms. There was even a I-want-a-haircut protester who said she had been sick but was going to the protest anyway. Doesn’t look to me like anyone’s dissent was suppressed. Some of them even brought shotguns to ensure they could storm the capitol of their favorite state.

    There are protesters galore exposing themselves willy-nilly. It doesn’t sound to me like they are scared. There are shoppers throughout the US coming together, not wearing masks, talking up close, standing almost on top of each other. They are fine with getting infected and don’t seem afraid. There are states with ever increasing infection and death rates opening up. The TN coroner ordered 12 refrigerated semi truck trailers to put the dead into right before TN opened wide for business. If our numbers were going down as they claimed, why the need for the semi trucks to stash the dead in?  They don’t seem afraid.

    I can see Trump pretending there is a pandemic to shut up protesters. It’s a maneuver I could see happening in America, But it is Not happening. In fact just the opposite is happening. Trump is going around pretending the ever increase count of dead Americans is good thing. Cleans out the herd, no worse than the flu, some people have to die anyway. The old would have died soon enough. That doesn’t sound to me like the government is trying to scare people into staying home and not taking action.

    In fact, it sound to me just how CEOs and the filthy rich think. I got to make a profit at all cost and if a few people die from lack of safety features, or some food contamination, or bad design, or lack of pay, or lack of healthcare, or a deadly virus, so what. There are plenty more were those came from. Let them die. It’s too bad, thoughts and prayers, but no skin off my nose. I still make a profit and that’s all that matters. And encouraging people to come out in a pandemic so that the filthy rich can go back to making huge profits from workers, and the poor, is what they would do…and are doing. It’s all about the money, their money.


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    Regarding whether or not this man’s death should be considered as due to the corona virus:  Ultimately we all die of something, since we are mortal.  But it is still worthwhile knowing what that something is in each case.  In this man’s case it was the corona virus.  Whether he had other conditions that made him more susceptible does not matter, it was still the virus that ultimately did him in.

    We don’t really know how many extra deaths have been caused by the virus.  The 90,000+ deaths attributed to the corona virus is almost certainly a large undercount since we do not have adequate testing.  I suspect we will know more in the year or so after the virus subsides, as epidemiologists study the data and are able to suss out how many excess deaths there have been compared to previous years.

    Bottom line, just because the man was 91 does not mean his death should be excluded from the corona virus stats because he would have die from something pretty soon anyway.  Because when you get right down to it, that is true of every one of us.

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