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      It’s interesting how conservative voices advocated deregulating the public airwaves and selling off the radio spectrum to the highest bidders. Now that certain segments of the media are privately owned, the same conservatives appear to be nostalgic for liberal notions similar to the old Fairness Doctrine. They were all hot for Reagan’s fantasy of privatising everything, but the owners of the auctioned-off media have the power to limit access by anyone: conservative, liberal, right, left, whatever. Oddly enough, I agree with most of what they’re saying, but the current situation is what they wanted 30 years ago.

      Uninhibited speech is the ultimate weapon in the fight against misinformation (

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      Scott Crowder
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      That’s because they are so reactionary that they don’t actually have a “want”. They simply knee jerk response to whatever the Culture War throws their way. If Trump had pulled out of Afghan, they’d be thrilled. If Biden had deregulated the public airwaves, they’d have been outraged.
      They believe they can control a woman’s body cuz Culture War. They believe they shouldn’t have to take a vaccine cuz Culture War.

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