Frito Strike Ends

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      Kansas Frito-Lay workers end strike – The Washington Post

      Hundreds of Frito-Lay employees are returning to work in Kansas, ending a 19-day strike with the weekend ratification of a two-year contract that guarantees them at least one day off each week and raises wages.

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      On the other hand, marijuana sales are up on the news.

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      Snort McDork
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      They got a really shitty deal. And the dude who got electrocuted is disabled for life. And guess what else?

      They won’t cover his medical bills or treatment.

      Imagine that? A billion dollar company won’t do shit for it’s own employees.


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      … as this is a time of year when a plant shut down inflicts a lot of hurt on Frito-Lay. Right now is when they resume/ramp up production on all the crappy school items that start shipping out in early August as the districts prepare to open for the school year.

      Remember Michele Obama’s efforts for healthy school meals, a part of which was lower fat/sugar/salt content in kiddos’ diets? Snacks with “healthier nutritionals” were created by FL and every other huge food processor feeding at the massive trough of school meal program funding. These companies will always find a workaround to keep peddling their crap.




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