Gazprom Says Undamaged Nord Stream 2 Line Could Ship Gas to Europe

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      …snip..Both Nord Stream pipelines came under attack last week, and explosions caused major leaks that Gazprom said had stopped by Monday. Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 each have a pair of lines, and Gazprom said that both lines of Nord Stream 1 were damaged.

      But the Russian state gas company said that the Nord Stream 2’s line “B” was not damaged and that it would prepare to deliver gas through it if a decision in that regard was made.

      “If a decision is made to start deliveries through Nord Stream 2’s line B, natural gas will be pumped into the pipeline after the integrity of the system has been checked and verified by supervisory authorities,” Gazprom said.

      Receiving gas through the undamaged line of Nord Stream 2 could give Germany and other European countries some relief from the energy crisis. But the move would likely not be approved by the EU as it is preparing new sanctions on Russia despite the soaring energy prices that Europeans are facing.


      Start popping that popcorn. As the temperature drops, social unrest is going to get hot in Germany and elsewhere, with at least some cheap Russian gas still available after all. This might be the spark for revolution, and brutal repression.

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      Hi Joe,

      A good speculative discussion of Motive, Means and Opportunity for the destroyed pipelines is found at the link below.  Hint: It was most likely the US.



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      I don’t think the EU as a political entity is going to survive this, so whatever it decrees probably won’t mean much in the not to distant future.

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