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  • Judi Lynn (9117 posts)
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    Georgia elections chief plans changes after security issues

    Georgia elections chief plans changes after security issues
    Kathleen Foody, Associated Press

    Updated 1:55 pm, Saturday, July 15, 2017


    ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia’s top elections official stood out by refusing help from the Department of Homeland Security last August amid national concerns about the integrity of U.S. elections.

    Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp called it an attempted federal takeover and insisted his office was already protecting Georgia’s vote from hackers.

    That stance earned him national media coverage ahead of his campaign for governor. But Kemp’s assurances threatened to become a liability after new details emerged last month about major security mistakes at the center managing Georgia’s election technology. It turns out that the contractor left critical data wide open for months on the internet, and that for the second time under Kemp’s tenure, the personal information of every Georgia voter was exposed.

    With his critics demanding accountability, Kemp announced Friday that he plans to bring the center’s operations in-house within a year. His brief statement made no mention of the security flaws, saying “the ever-changing landscape of technology demands that we change with it.”


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  • Marym625 (29663 posts)
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    1. Interesting

    At least he stood up to kobach. That’s more than some Democratic governor’s and SOS did

    Take Action #StopFCC https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
  • Peace Patriot (3598 posts)
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    2. Georgia has the worst system in the country-and that's saying something.

    Every goddamn state is wide open to INSIDER vote tampering on a massive scale, even the ones with an alleged “paper trail” (of which they only count 1% – miserably inadequate to detect fraud in an electronic system).  Georgia doesn’t even have an alleged “paper trail.”  It has nothing.  They can’t do an audit AT ALL (audit = comparison of ballots to electronic results).  They can’t do a recount.  And they were the site of the first obvious, massive electronic vote flipping in the country – against Max Cleland in 2002.  Cleland was a test case:  Can they flip the vote for a hugely popular Vietnam vet paraplegic with a 10% lead in the polls, and will anybody notice? Will anybody ask for a “recount” (heh-heh)?  Will any of our tools in the media dare to say this is bullshit in our ever-so-traumatized post-9/11 world in which we have just stolen U.S. democracy?

    EGREGIOUS vote flipping!

    Well, I’m sure Mr. Secretary of State Brian Kemp doesn’t want to be aced out of the auction for Georgia public offices, nor lose any of his power to say who wins.  That’s all THAT is about.  Fuck him and ES&S/Diebold and the lot of them, and all their Democratic enablers!  They fucked is over with these nefarious machines!  They fucked us over so bad!

    • Judi Lynn (9117 posts)
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      3. Glad you've mentioned Sen. Max Cleland. That was evil.

      They slid one of the most disgusting, racist, stupid pieces of trash available right into the slot Senator Cleland had handled so capably, with distinction.

      That filthy trick has to be one of the worst in US election history.

      We both know Cleland has been respected and appreciated by so many people, in his own state, and outside Georgia for years. Who wouldn’t admire his spirit, and his hard working, conscientious record?

      But noooooo. Gotta replace him with a gibbering, good ol’ boy idiot Saxby Chambliss. What a step into a manhole THAT was for the people of Georgia.



      I’m glad you reminded us about Senator Cleland, although I can tell you, I’m still so upset about it I’ve got tears in my eyes this very moment, just remembering.

      The good WILL still prevail over the crap, in time.