German (former) SPD Leader Discusses Root Cause of Ukraine Conflict

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      According to Lafontaine, Washington controls German politics…..this piece is from May 2022, but, combined with Ben Norton’s analysis that NATO is not a defensive alliance and the potential accession of Sweden/Finland to NATO, it explains a lot…Discussions about this on MoA – US has a habit of buying up Western leaders….Baerbock, among others, for example is a graduate of the WEF young leaders program.  Here is just one of many other quotes, The US elites are very good at buying up Western leaders, or grooming them. A case in point Bulgaria’s leader, who spent most of his life in Canada and at Harvard. His government just got a vote of no-confidence for his policies which represent a Bulgarian economic suicide, but he doesn’t care as he spews anti-Russian bullshit.
      The former head of the ruling Social Democrats, Oskar Lafontaine, has blamed the conflict in Ukraine on NATO’s refusal to listen to Moscow….

      A veteran top German politician has said the West’s refusal to listen to Moscow’s concerns is one of the main causes of the current conflict in Ukraine. Oskar Lafontaine, who from 1995 until 1999 served as chair of the Social Democrats, accused the West of ignoring Russia’s security interests for years.

      In an interview with left-wing newspaper Junge Welt published on Saturday, Lafontaine argued that “for a long time, we have been in a situation where Russia and China have been militarily encircled by the US.” The former SPD leader said Moscow had made it clear to NATO for 20 years that Ukraine should not become part of the military alliance – a scenario, which, according to Lafontaine, would mean US missiles deployed on the Ukraine-Russia border.

      “These security interests were consistently ignored,” the politician said. And this was “one of the key reasons for the outbreak of the Ukraine war.”

      Speaking of Ukraine’s NATO aspirations, the former SPD chair dismissed the argument that every country is free to decide what alliance to join.

      “Everyone knows that the US would never accept Cuba’s accession to a military alliance with Russia, nor the deployment of Russian missiles on the US border with Mexico or Canada,” Lafontaine argued.

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      Even though Germany, his country, was a signatory to the Minsk accords.

      I wonder how long it will be until anyone in the West will mention that following Minsk would have prevented the conflict as well as kept Donbass as part of Ukraine.

      I’m guessing ten years, and only as a footnote in history books.

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