Germany recognises colonial ‘genocide’ in Namibia, commits €1bn in reparations

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      (France24) Germany for the first time on Friday recognised it had committed genocide in Namibia during its colonial occupation, with Berlin promising financial support worth more than one billion euros to aid projects in the African nation.

      German colonial settlers killed tens of thousands of indigenous Herero and Nama people in 1904-1908 massacres—labelled the first genocide of the 20th century by historians—poisoning relations between Namibia and Germany for years.


      Tensions boiled over in 1904 when the Herero—deprived of their livestock and land—rose up, followed shortly after by the Nama, in an insurrection crushed by German imperial troops.

      In the Battle of Waterberg in August 1904 around 80,000 Herero, including women and children, fled and were pursued by German troops across what is now known as the Kalahari Desert. Only 15,000 survived.

      Full story here.

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