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      Babies born with ambiguous genitalia no longer have to be labeled as “male” or “female” in German birth certificates.  A third option, “divers”, had been added.

      Interesting.  We label people from birth as either male or female.  That’s not just a western thing or a modern thing – I’m pretty sure every culture everywhere since the dawn of civilization has done it.

      In the west, where strict gender roles have melted in the last hundred years, I wonder if we will see a day when people conceptualize gender as a sliding continuum rather than two separate boxes.

      I guess it’s unlikely to happen, seeing as the vast majority of people have anatomy that puts them firmly into one box or the other, and most people grow up either “feeling male” or “feeling female”.  But it’s interesting to contemplate how a society would be different if the concept of two distinct genders just didn’t exist.

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      I would hope that we can offer the option of changing which of those boxes is marked, if later in life we chose to.

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