Get out your cammies! Poland calls emergency security meeting after claim about missiles

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      Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called an emergency meeting of the government’s national security and defense committee amid reports of a deadly strike on the nation’s border with Ukraine.

      Poland is understood to have scrambled fighter jets in the wake of the reports that two people had been killed in an “explosion” allegedly caused by a missile strike. The Polish military and prosecutors have arrived at the scene of the blast, Visegrad 24 reports.

      Earlier, the Polish media reported that “explosions” had rocked the town of Przewodow, which is located in the Lublin region, not far from the border with Ukraine. The blast reportedly hit a grain drier facility, killing at least two people, local media said.

      “The reasons for this incident are not known at the moment,” local fire service spokesman, Senior Captain Marcin Lebiedowicz, told Radio Lublin. He confirmed that there had been casualties and said his agency had received “a report of an explosion.”


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      I’d think the Russians would choose better targets in Poland if they had decided to strike it with missiles.

      If this was from an s-300 Anti-Aircraft battery, then it is fair to assume it was fired by Ukraine. They use the Soviet era S300. It has a limited range. Russia doesn’t have any AA batteries anywhere near the Polish border.  Lviv had been targeted by Russian missiles earlier in the day. The S300 missiles are from the 70’s/80’s and have been prone to malfunctioning when used in this conflict, including striking unintended buildings and other targets.

      Triggering Article 5 would force many reluctant European countries to mobilize. Just as the US is willing to fight to the last Ukrainian, they are happy to fight to the last Pole, Romanian, Lithuanian, etc.  The US wants Russia and Europe to get in a big costly war while they stay across the ocean lending munitions. They want to mop up at the end like they have done in both previous world wars, and be the prime beneficiaries economically in the decades to follow.

      Current info is murky at best, so we should take these initial reports with a grain of salt.

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      Zelensky: Russian missiles hit Poland, constitute ‘attack on collective security’

      President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Nov. 15 that the explosions reported in Poland are caused by Russian missiles, noting that they constitute a “very significant escalation” by Russia. “It is only a matter of time before Russian terror goes further,” Zelensky said. Two people were killed due to explosions in Przewodow, Poland, on Nov. 15. AP reported, citing an unnamed senior U.S. intelligence official, that some of the missiles launched at Ukraine by Russia crossed into Poland. Russia’s Defense Ministry has denied Moscow’s involvement in the explosions, calling reports “deliberate provocation(s) in order to escalate the situation.”

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      It’s not like they don’t happen here in the US.

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      false flags – and Zelensky is such an eager little puppet.  IMO, Zelensky and the US really really want a nuclear  hit.  And you can bet Zelensky is nowhere near Ukraine.  IMO, etc.  Zelensky seems frantic for the EU to join in before the ground freezes.

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      Just ask Russia. How many errand artillery strikes landed in Russian between 2014 and 2022. I counted five.

      I also remember something about a civilian airliner flying overhead in the middle of Ukraine and being shot down.

      Somehow, that was Russia’s fault…

      Here is a hard fact, all the armaments going to Ukraine first go through Poland.

      So who is at war with whom?

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      Biden indicated that our tracking system showed none of the hits could be traced back to Russian launches, so clearly it was something like a UFO that seized control of Ukraine’s top of the line missile system and caused it to attack Poland. Though I guess we can’t rule out that Russia is working with the UFOs. That would explain so much about Russia’s hacking of our elections, Trump seeming to defeat Clinton, and possibly even the odd lump of cheese I noticed in my bag of supposedly shredded cheese.

      If Russia is teaming up with UFOs, anything and everything becomes possible. Biden’s teleprompter likely to be one of the next targets, imo. You read that here first!

      P.S. Vindication for Joy Reid, or still too early to say that?

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