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      There are two kinds of gloves I like. One is an oversized glove that can be slipped on and off quickly. The other is a tight-fitting vinyl glove. I have a lot of experience with gloves, which is why I’m writing this post.

      I have always worn gloves, mostly because I’m a gardener. I like to protect my hands and nails. I don’t usually wear the jersey gloves often used by gardeners. I prefer to be able to feel what I’m doing with plants, such as handling a tiny seedling, so I like the tight-fitting vinyl gloves. My favorite type of glove for this purpose is a stretchy vinyl glove. They run about 10 cents a pair, but I can get two wearings from them by washing them while still on my hands and then tossing them in a bag with cornstarch. The cornstarch dries the gloves and makes it easier to put them on for a second wearing. Google image search “polysilk vinyl glove.” Amazon sells them but only in lots of 10/100 gloves per box. I buy mine from a local drugstore and had two boxes on my shelves before the virus even hit the U.S. They are $8 or 9 for 100.

      I hate the nitrile gloves. They are not stretchy. I do have a few boxes of them, however.

      Because I’m impatient and like to do things the easy way, I have another type of glove I use. They are the loose-fitting ones that are easy to take on and off. Google image search “disposable pe gloves.”  They are only about 1 cent per pair and you can get a couple wearings out of them, too. They are the kind of glove used by food service workers.

      I have a package of 100 of them in my car and I take them off and put on a new pair whenever I switch from one task to another (see video below).  Also in my car is a spray container of disinfectant and an N95 mask. If I have to go anywhere, I’m all ready. I mostly don’t go anywhere, but just in case I do, I have all my protection in my car.

      One has to be aware of cross-contamination. The Michigan nurse in this video, which has gone viral, explains it very well.

      It calls for being methodical and aware. One has to break tasks down into sections, which is why I like the loose-fitting gloves. They make that part of personal protection easier. After my task is done, I gather the discarded gloves and wash them at the kitchen sink while they are still on my hands. Then I hang them up with a clip and let them dry.

      Because of gardening I had about 1000 pair of gloves on hand before the virus struck. I gave some boxes away to family and friends. I know of people who have ordered online and have been able to get them, so give it a try.

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      its polysilk LATEX gloves, not vinyl.


      and it doesn’t have to be polysilk.  Latex gloves are the best kind, IMO.

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      gave them to a neighbor who’s caring for her 85 y.o. mom.   I thought wearing gloves for Covid-19 would just complicate my life.  One more unfamiliar thing to be concerned with, ya know?

      I feel much better since I gave up hope.

      "If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace." – John Lennon

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