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      Most likely because you don’t have SPF set up or something similar.  I tried from 2 different gmail accounts and neither received the emails after 24 hours (no they didn’t go in my spam folder either, they’re being rejected) – even after having them resent.  I created another account from a non-Gmail email address and it came through almost instantly.

      Seems like this transition was rushed without adequate testing.

      Sorry to be negative but I would have expected a group of people from JPR were beating it up before it went live.  For what it’s worth, my vote is a big ole no on the UI and format (especially the Latest page which is almost unusable currently).  I know I haven’t posted much but I had been checking JPR multiple times daily to keep up, and while the more prolific posters may be in love with it, I don’t.   For me, it’s now pretty hard to use/view, at least from the perspective of a software engineer that develops web sites.  I love the JPR community but I wonder how many are struggling to rejoin (or deal with trying to use it now),  versus how many just won’t return.

      Is there a timeline for full functionality or any near-term effort pending to at least change the Latest page to make it more usable and user-friendly?  I’m craving my JPR and need a fix.

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