Going “Back to Normal” Is Too Dangerous to Even Contemplate

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      Normal is four decades of stagnant wages and widening inequality when almost all economic gains went to the top. Normal is forty years of shredded safety nets, and the most expensive but least adequate healthcare system in the modern world.

      Normal is also growing corruption of politics by big money – an economic system rigged by and for the wealthy. Normal is worsening police brutality. Normal is climate change now verging on catastrophe. Normal is a GOP that for years has been actively suppressing minority votes and embracing white supremacists. Normal is a Democratic Party that for years has been abandoning the working class.

      Given the road we were on, Trump and Covid were not aberrations. They were inevitabilities. The moment we are now in – with Trump virtually gone, Biden assembling his cabinet, and most of the nation starting to feel a bit of relief – is a temporary reprieve.

      If the underlying trends don’t change, after Biden we could have Trumps as far as the eye can see. And health and environmental crises that make the coronavirus another step toward Armageddon.

      Jesus: Hey, Dad? God: Yes, Son? Jesus: Western civilization followed me home. Can I keep it? God: Certainly not! And put it down this minute--you don't know where it's been! Tom Robbins in Another Roadside Attraction

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      And yet, that’s where we are going. In a Handbasket.

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      As far as this Devil is concerned, “normal” went out the window in November 1980, and it’s been a rapidly escalating “batshit crazy” since December 12, 2000.

      The “normal” established by the policies of FDR was the best the USA has ever seen. Not a utopia by any means, but at least a fully functional country. It’s anything BUT that now, and was not so in October 2016, before the sentient circus peanut came to power.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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