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    Golden Spiderlings Hatch from Bizarre 'Silkhenge' in Amazing Video

    Golden Spiderlings Hatch from Bizarre ‘Silkhenge’ in Amazing Video

    By Mindy Weisberger, Senior Writer | January 5, 2017 04:05pm ET


    A spiderling hatches from a mystery web tower found in the Peruvian Amazon, photographed in 2014.
    Credit: Jeff Cremer / Perunature.com

    The tiny spider occupants of a curious silk structure resembling a miniature Stonehenge have been caught in the act of hatching, captured on video for the first time as they emerged from their peculiar “silkhenge.”

    The silk domicile’s unusual shape — a ring of tiny pillars surrounding a central cone that tapers to a thin spire — stymied scientists when it was discovered in Tambopata, Peru, in 2013. Experts speculated about its origins, but no one could say for sure what had built it or what its purpose might be. Part of the mystery was resolved months later, when researchers returned to the area, collected samples of the silk constructions, and observed baby spiders emerging, one from each central structure.

    . . .

    Much about the odd web structures and the spiders that build them is still unknown, but witnessing their “birth” firsthand will help scientists begin to piece together this intriguing puzzle, biologist Phil Torres, one of the researchers who observed the spiders hatching, said in the video.


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