Google and Prosecutors Fight in Court over User Data in Marielle Case

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      Google does not want to give up info about cars that circulated in Rio
      Jan.31.2020 12:30PM

      Rio de Janeiro prosecutors and Google are engaged in a legal dispute over access to data on users of the platform that can assist in the investigation of the death of councilor Marielle Franco (PSOL) and her driver Anderson Gomes.

      The American company appealed to the STJ (Superior Court of Justice) not to give the Prosecutor’s Office data on all users who circulated at the Transolímpica within a 15-minute interval on the night of December 2, 2018.

      This was the last time that traffic monitoring cameras identified the city presence of the silver Cobalt plate KPA-5923 used in the crime.

      With the data, the prosecutors want to identify who was using the vehicle nine months after the crime.


      Marielle’s driver and body guard, Anderson Gomez, his wife, and new baby born shortly before his murder.

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      Google owns.

      Facebook owns.

      Microsoft and Apple own.

      The five eyes own.

      But I’m worried about Huawei, in case I might be surveilled.  That’s because I believe everything I last read, or heard, so don’t suffer from contradictions.

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      Something stinks here. And I detect the scent of the US.

      We simply cannot allow some fucking Socialist to speak. It upsets US determination to remake the continent of South America.


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