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  • Judi Lynn (9094 posts)
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    GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post

    GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post

    NOV 12 2017, 11:12 PM ET
    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore said Sunday that he planned to sue The Washington Post over a report that he pursued teenage girls, including a 14-year-old, when he was an assistant prosecutor in his 30s.

    At a Christian Citizen Task Force forum here, Moore said the newspaper published false allegations — “for which they will be sued.”

    He provided no details about what type of suit he planned to file or when he planned to file it.

    Don’t do it, Roy! D-d-don’t d-d-do it! Everyone’s sorry. Just put away your gun, Roy.
    Don’t take that guhn ta town, Roy, don’t take that guhn ta town. Oh, pleeeazze don’t.

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  • misanthroptimist (759 posts)
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    1. Do it, Roy, do it!

    I have no doubt that you’ll be unpleasantly surprised at the results.

    "We watched the tragedy unfold; We did as we were told; We bought and sold; It was the greatest show on Earth; But then it's over" -Roger Waters, Amused to Death
  • peacecorps (4831 posts)
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    2. That's the macho response, isn't it Roy. Yell "fake news" and threaten to sue.

    The whole thing must be a liberal plot which you can play to your advantage.

  • davidpdx (123 posts)
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    3. I liked what one of the contributors said on CNN the other day

    “Put up or shut up cowboy”