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  • Hobbit709 (3268 posts)
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    Got new printers up and running.

    My old Epson finally died. Replaced it with a Canon PIXMA Pro-100. My old HP laser was flaking out and found a Samsung all in one on sale for less than half price. Still got my Samsung color laser. Can now print damn near anything from 13×19 paper to CD/DVD printable disks.

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  • hollys mom (907 posts)
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    1. ha, went to refill a black carteridge, and it leaked when I put it in.

    I got a refund from the refiller, but I had to buy a new cartridge, but that didn’t work because I did not get all the spilled inkl out, so I gave up and bought a new printer, but then someone suggested i use the navy blue instead of black and print it in color and that worked, so still waiting for the ink to run out. ┬áBut when I get it set up it will have a scanner/fax/wireless. Just be careful with refills.