Gov. Jay Inslee offers pardons for thousands with misdemeanor pot convictions

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      By Jim Brunner and Asia Fields

      January 4, 2019 at 9:30 am

      Gov. Jay Inslee will offer pardons to thousands of people with misdemeanor marijuana convictions, in an effort to help them move on from minor criminal records that can hinder housing and job prospects.

      Under the plan, Inslee will pardon anyone who has an otherwise clean criminal record but with a sole conviction as an adult for misdemeanor possession of marijuana in Washington state.

      Such a conviction must have occurred under state law, not a local ordinance, between Jan. 1, 1998, and Dec. 5, 2012, the effective date of Washington’s voter-approved Initiative 502, which legalized marijuana possession for users age 21 and older. The governor’s office estimates 3,500 people will be eligible for the pardons under its criteria.

      Inslee announced his plan, called the Marijuana Justice Initiative, Friday morning in SeaTac at the Washington State Cannabis Summit, an annual conference sponsored by the legal marijuana industry.

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      Probably should have been done the minute cannabis was legal in his state. Inslee is for the most part a Clintonite DLC type, but at least he has his head out of his ass on a few issues, like this one & climate change.

      Rumor mill has it that he’s considering a Presidential run in 2020. Wouldn’t be my first, or even second choice, but in terms of historical numbers, just being a governor would give him an advantage over all the Senators in the race.  Before Obama was elected in 2008, the last Senator to win was JFK in 1960. And in the case of 2008, you had the extremely rare circumstances of Senators running in both parties, so had McCain won, it would have been the same thing in that respect.

      Strictly speaking, executive branch experience SHOULD be an advantage in a Presidential race, but the so-called “Democrats” were all too willing to throw that under the bus in 2004 (when they forced the Kerry nomination over the obviously better qualified Howard Dean) or even arguably 2008, when Bill Richardson had a better resume than Barry & Hillary combine. (Again, not my preferred candidate, but his resume was pretty much unbeatable compared to anybody running against him)

      So whether Inslee is doing this out of pure political calculation, or just because it’s the right thing to do, it’s still a good thing for those who have had years of their lives wasted on ridiculous convictions over a harmless plant.

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        Didn’t have big enough Dem majorities to get very far with his proposals, though.

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