Governor Andrew Cuomo Tells Doctor She Makes That Gown Look Good (As He Looks Her Up and Down)

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      How do these guys have time to think about sex at work? Don’t they have enough real work to do?


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      Seriously, that’s supposed to be problematic?

      Destruction is easy; creation is hard, but more interesting.

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        I’d never dream of saying that to my doctor, and he’s the Governor, who is expected to adhere to a standard of exemplary behavior.

        People are now reluctantly conceding, “Yeah, I can see it”, when it comes to imagining Governor Cuomo doing what he’s been accused of.

        It’s not just his behavior to women, and not even the nursing home deaths. The corruption in Albany that he’s helped orchestrate, and back before him the corruption when his father was Governor, is a real drag on my State. Needed work hasn’t been getting done for decades because the corrupt legislature can only get in gear when they’re financially induced to do so. Cuomo arranged for Republicans to stay in control so that the system wouldn’t change. That’s finally over, and it’s not a coincidence that now it looks like he’ll have to pay the piper. His father arranged for a union busting contractor, a donor, to come into the State and take jobs, because that’s just how arrogant Emperors roll. Having supported his reign wasn’t enough, he had to show the unions who was boss, and that he’d do favors for whoever he wanted to.

        The New York Times only reluctantly endorsed him last time around, and they flat out mentioned Cuomo’s corruption as a reason. They said if he had an experienced opponent, like Zephyr Teachout, they might have endorsed that person instead. But Cuomo had Cynthia Nixon as his primary challenger, and they thought she was too inexperienced, and too progressive. Many of us voted for her, but the labeling they used against her worked.

        Having won the primary, he was a lock to win the general election. Given Cuomo’s control of the mechanism to win the party’s nomination, having him resign might be the best shot to make a dent into the corruption he manages. Democrats in Albany are talking up impeachment, and the sentiment for that is strong, and growing.

        When the investigation into the nursing home deaths gets going they’ll be bringing to light the notorious “pay to play” of Albany, and that will hurt everyone elected to serve there, whether they were actively involved in it or not. The subpoena empowered investigation into Cuomo’s unethical behavior to women, mostly young women, will imo have more women step forward. Cuomo being exposed as a shit-heel will give cover to every politician who is known to be slightly less horrific of a boss to work for, so the sooner he goes the better.

        Lol, sorry for getting all that off my chest! 🙂 And I didn’t even touch on Cuomo’s bullying, which extends to government employees, reporters, and elected officials who are loathe to cross such an important person as him. It’s pretty legendary, though his supporters and apologists play it off as part of the persona of a boss who “gets stuff done”. That was how Hillary Clinton portrayed Herself, and it’s no surprise that they’re long time associates, and that they’ve been allies.

        She smells blood in the water though, and knows she can’t be seen as tied to him, so she’s cutting her losses and signalling that he needs to be investigated.

        His downfall is way, way, overdue.


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