Grayzone: Ukrainegate Impeachment Saga Worsens US-Russia Cold War with Stephen F. Cohen

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    So the deal Yanukovych wouldn’t sign had a clause in it committing to Ukraine to NATO?   That was a an obvious non-starter.  But Yanukovych had already agreed to early elections and Obama was happy with that, but someone decided to overthrow his government anyway.   It makes you wonder who runs US foreign policy.  Great interview.

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    With US unable to prevent Nord Stream 2 Ukraine lost most of it’s strategic leverage as transit country of energy from Russia to EU. Meaning, US puppet in Kiev can’t threaten EU with freezing in the middle of cold winter as well as before.

    This just in:

    To complement Cohen, Ukraine does not belong to “two worlds” – West Europe and Russia – because there is no more  “two worlds”, as what we are seeing and going to see much more is economic integration of the whole Eurasia with EU countries now joining one by one Russian-Chinese massive trade and infrastructure initiatives, and EU level structures will follow. For historical and cultural nationalistic reasons Poland and West-Ukraine can try to resist Eurasian trade integration for a while on their part, but its futile and pointless.

    Western politicians and MSM has been wiggling blame game finger at Russia  mainly to divert attention from domestic FUBAR brought by Washington Consensus neoliberal globalization. Trump has been effective wake up call that US empire really is kaput, and for Europe to eat, it can’t bite the feeding hand and must face and accept reality of energy dependence from Russia. Macron has been already speaking openly that EU does not need nor want military alliance with US and Turkey, he agrees with Trump on bye bye NATO. Good buy petrodollar.

    Neocons lost totally, and that will have highly volatile domestic consequenses in Washington, and Trumpian Realist school of foreign policy goes: “Ok Putin, you win Europe, we’ll go back to pre-WWII smaller scale imperialism of Monroe doctrine.  It’s no less evil than Neocon PNAC, and we’ll see how that goes, as beaten DNC Neocons are panicking and burning their bridges with Realists even worse with their ridiculously self-defeating impeachment. As for left populism, now would be time to grow a pair, feed the DNC Neocons to wolves and take principled and clear stand against the Realists and economic nationalism, and start speaking and doing international solidarity of working class.




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