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    Great episode of BTN's Journey series on Standing Rock…

    The first Journey series episode on the Big Ten Network for basketball season featured a segment on Bronson Koenig, a University of Wisconsin basketball star who is half German and half Native American and his efforts to be involved with the Standing Rock protests.

    I just got to my TV set which had been turned on for a while while this was airing.  It surprised me a bit, since though I watch this network a lot for basketball, football, and other games featuring my school (University of Iowa), I hardly expected that they ever would mention anything politically conscientious like this kind of effort by this kid, when the ownership of Big Ten Work is in the Fox Network media empire.  There must be some real decent producers and other people on that series’ film crew willing to buck city hall at times to put out content like this when it becomes available to them.  It has been given a lot of rewards, and this show aired this week is a good example why they get critically acclaimed.  Though I’m a big fan of Iowa, which has Wisconsin as a big rival in so many ways, I’m impressed as hell with what this kid is doing outside of just being on the basketball team.  Bronson, I’ll cheer you if I watch a game with you in it, even if I’m cheering for Iowa to beat your team.  Watch the segment here.


    This week on ‘The Journey:’ Wisconsin’s Bronson Koenig
    By Alex Roux, BTN.com editor, 7 hours ago

    Everywhere Bronson Koenig goes, people recognize him.

    The Wisconsin senior guard hit the biggest shot of his life in the 2016 NCAA tournament, beating Xavier with a dramatic fade-away three at the buzzer. His name was in the national spotlight for a weekend last March, but much of the recognition he’s received began much earlier, and has continued long after his Badgers were eliminated in the Sweet 16.

    Koenig, who is half Ho-Chunk Native American, embraced his heritage long before he stepped on Wisconsin’s campus. The Ho-Chunk community rallied around him in high school, attending his games and giving him gifts to show support. But the platform of playing at one of college basketball’s powerhouses has expanded his reach exponentially and made him a household name among Native Americans nationwide.

    Playing in back-to-back Final Fours put Koenig on a stage not normally associated with Native American athletes. Only 21 out of roughly 5,000 Divison I basketball players were Native American in 2015-16, so it’s natural that Koenig has provided inspiration to a devoted following that has transcended individual tribes.


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