Great Pacific garbage patch $20m cleanup fails to collect plastic

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      A giant floating barrier launched off the coast of San Francisco as part of a $20m project to cleanup a swirling island of rubbish between California and Hawaii, is failing to collect plastic.

      The mastermind behind the Ocean Cleanup, an ambitious plan to clear a swathe of the Pacific twice the size of Texas of floating debris, reported four weeks into testing that while the U-shaped device was scooping up plastic, it was then losing it.

      Inventor Boyan Slat, 24, said that the slow speed of the solar-powered 600m-long barrier means it is unable to hold on to plastics, but a team of experts is now working on a possible fix.




      As Expected, by anyone who has worked in the Ocean. This guy is a scammer.

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      Perhaps it would be better to just take some human crews and barges out to the biggest patches and clean it up the old-fashioned way.

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