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    Great Piece about secret trade negotiations by British Labour MP


    — snip —

    So what did I find when I finally probed into the massive ring-binder and all of its annexes? Well of course I can’t tell you that for fear of disciplinary and/or legal proceedings!

    What I can tell you is what I did not find.

    I did not find anything that reassured me that the US is committed to implementing the International Labour Organisation (ILO) declarations and conventions or developing a common platform in terms of labour standards or occupational health and safety practices within TTIP.

    I did not find anything that convinced me that the US would respect the environmental protections and standards we have incorporated into EU law or the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing.

    I did not find anything that laid to rest my concerns that US agribusiness was trying to take over much of our food and drinks industry and our dairy industry – whilst becoming increasingly protectionist about its own.

    I did not find anything that reassured me that sovereign governments would not be subjected to supra-national commercial courts with an asymmetric power for large companies to sue nation states for passing legislation in the public interest, where those laws might damage their future profit.

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    More at link!

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