Greek god Zeus was also worshipped in Egypt — this finding proves it

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      Ruins of the pillars of an ancient Zeus temple are found in Egypt, and guess what they are made of pink granite.

      Zeus — the ancient Greek god of thunder and sky, was once worshipped by millions of people in ancient Greece. Even the ancient Olympic games that started in 776 BC and led to the birth of the modern Olympics used to be held in the honor of Zeus. Zeus is an integral part of Greek mythology and archaeologists often come across various ancient sites in Greece related to Zeus. However, a recent archaeological finding in Egypt suggests that the followers of Zeus existed well beyond the borders of ancient Greece as well.

      A team of Egyptian archaeologists under the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has discovered the ruins of an ancient Zeus temple in Tell el-Farma (previously called Pelusium), an excavation site located in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula region. Interestingly, the ruins include pillars with inscriptions that mention that the temple was once restituted by the Roman emperor Hadrian. Historical records suggest that Hadrian was a great admirer of Greek culture and during his reign, he wished to revive Athens’ lost glory.

      How do the temple ruins connect mythology to archaeology?
      Archaeologists suggest that the temple was built to honor Zeus Kasios, a greek God that resulted from the merger of Zeus and Mount Kasios, which lies close to what is now the Turkey-Syria border. According to Greek mythology, after the gods defeated the Titans, the goddess of Earth Gaea merged with an underworld creature Tartarus and gave rise to a monster named Typhon to rule the universe.


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      Got to keep spreading that thunder&lightning.

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      That Thoth and Hermes were the same god. The temple of Thoth was located in the city named Hermopolis by the greeks.
      Hermes/Thoth was the first to promote string theory and describe remote viewing. He said all things were in motion, even rocks.

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      Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, and the Macedonian Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled there until Cleopatra died in 30 BCE. Hadrian was around about 200 years later.

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