Green Party twitter account suppressed without reason

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      Betty Karlson
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      My my, did anybody see this dirty trick NOT coming?

      It touches on Third Way / DNC

      It touches on the general election

      But for now, let me just post Kyle Kulinski’s take on the incident (the only one I could find).

      And for what it is worth, I hope the Greens decide to replace Howie Hawkins with Jesse Ventura, and give the DNC and the GOP both something to really cry about.

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      Hi bk,

      DNC beatings and floggings will continue for as long as progressive’s believe the myth that their is no alternative to corporate neo-liberalism.  Such is the nature of any co-dependent abusive relationship.  Our collective suffering is a prison of our own making.  One suggests it is well past time to break the chains of imprisonment.


      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
      - John F. Kennedy

      "The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
      - George Orwell

      "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."
      - Jiddu Krishnamurti

      "Sometimes a pessimist is only an optimist with extra information."
      - Idries Shah

      "A riot is the language of the unheard."
      - Martin Luther King

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        Or just say, No Joe!, for that matter. @thouartthat Sometimes, the old Marxist rallying cry still comes in handy. In the case of Twitter, something about running dogs and lackeys comes to mind.

        It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

        Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.--Harry Truman

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      While others are happily hating on Bernie Sanders, I will be hating on those who not only have never helped a soul but themselves, if they could help it, but are actively planning even more hurt to people.

      THIS is fascism, IMO, the Democratic Party is so very good at using corporate power to do bad things.  While screeching fascist!!!!!  Remember – if the Democrats are accusing anybody else of anything bad – they are most likely doing that themselves.  I doubt the GOP is worried about the Green Party.

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      and i think he would welcome the opportunity for a former governor to lead his party.

      on the other hand, ventura is a side show almost as distracting as trump himself. f famer.

      could trump resist debating his fellow wwe hall of famer?

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        @rampart Now that is an amusing thought. The irony of it is, if Trump insisted on him being on the debate stage, the DNC would probably refuse to let Biden participate in protest. Maybe Jesse could ride up on his Harley.

        Ventura’s not really a Green, more like a Libertarian. In fairness to him, he’s really kind of his own thing, but I’d take the old wrestler, former governor of Minnesota, and RT America host over the other two any day.

        It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

        Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.--Harry Truman

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        He was not all that popular in MN but I will say this for him. When he decided to cut programs that helped special ed persons and we fought back he listened. That is more than what we have running now do. I will vote for anyone who is running on the green if Bernie is not an option.


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      But they have heard the term the Green New Deal.

      Fear not the path of Truth for the lack of People walking on it. - RFK

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      cancel your twitter account and ask your friends to do the same

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        Asking Americans to give up their Twitter accounts is just slightly less sacrilegious than asking them to give up their televisions.

        “A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good, just because it's accepted by a majority.” ~ Booker T. Washington

        The truth is, there’s no such thing as being “anti-Fascist.” Either you are a decent human being with a conscience, or you are a fascist.
        ~ Unknown

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