Greenwald Re- Why Trump Failed to Pardon Snowden

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      Glenn Greenwald puts 2 + 2 together to explain why Trump failed to pardon Snowden and perhaps Assange, even though Trump was very close to doing so.  Greenwald believes he was successfully deterred by the fortuitously-timed, exceedingly late impeachment proceedings commenced against him, including the threat that enough establishment Republicans would vote for impeachment for it pass, which would have barred Trump from ever running again.

      Details (sorry I can’t seem to embed this video):

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      For the longest time I was wondering about this.

      I mean, Trump is/was the King of Conspiracy Theories. He never met one he didn’t like. He jumped on more bandwagons than Wells Fargo. Meanwhile, Wikileaks has PROOF that Trumpty Dumpty’s ARCH ENEMA, $hitelary stole her primary from Bernie. There he was with cries and chants of “Lock her up!” Yet not only did he never once mention what was in the Wikileaks, publicly, before OR after the election, he also missed the opportunity to pardon Assange, who in reality is arguably the one person that handed Trump the 2016 election (or rather the only one other than HERself).

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